Melbourne Interior Designer and Decorator Jane Gorman launched her luxe Finch & Jane business & brand in late 2017. Jane Gorman and her company have designed and decorated the interior & exterior space of Finch & Jane to create a luxe atmosphere. Please visit out Finch & Jane Gallery, as seen below.

From the moment guests walk into the space through our customised blue door and bi-fold’s, they are met with our mirror on mirror wall. Jane’s inspiration for the mirror on mirror wall was from her travels and work overseas. Having a space where guests could relax and enjoy a drink before going to their table was a key aspect of the interior design. The customised blue and silver 3 seater sofa allows guests to relax and enjoy their drinks in comfort.¬†Creating spaces within spaces allows our guests to have the whole Finch & Jane experience. This is seen from the very first moment they enter our luxe wine bar. Opposite the mirror on mirror wall is our digitalised baby grand piano which allows for various musical acts and performances. Providing live music in our wine bar offers flexibility and creates a sense of luxury.

Guests after proceeding through our lounge are greeted by our fire flame banquet seating. Jane Gorman, when designing the venue, made use of her levels as all guests are seated on the same level. Too often Jane has encountered sitting in a booth looking up at people as they walk past. The elevated banquet seating design by Jane allows guests to interact with the bar as well as feel part of the wine bar. The use of mirrors inside Finch & Jane creates a sense of depth to open up the narrow space. Furthermore, using customised acrylic table bases for our stone bench tops creates  the illusion of our tables floating. Being able to see through the table bases when walking into the venue also makes the space seem larger. Jane Gorman designed and custom made the diamond back studded bar chairs to match the height of the banquet seating. The use of whiskey decanter lights across the bar creates a sense of luxury for those sitting at our bar.

As guests proceed further down they enter our last interior space within a space, the dining area. Being away from the action of the bar and our bartenders is often requested by guests. A romantic and intimate dinner, a close family dinner or family celebrations are often met with the need for extra privacy. Jane Gorman designed beaded curtains which act as a room divider in the dining room. Each table is able to be secluded from the surrounding tables without feeling disjointed or disconnected from the space. The flexibility of drawing these curtains back and connecting the tables allows Finch & Jane to cater for larger family or work functions. The dining room can bring flexibility yet privacy from the rest of the venue with ease. Our guests also get the added extra luxury of our Jenny Jones rug wall to themselves when they book the back table.

Our final space within Finch & Jane is our outdoor birdcage. Our guests under the stars can enjoy our full cocktail & wine menu alongside our culinary tapas food. Laying down grass in the space allows our guests to feel the extra sense of luxury as most venues give their guests a concrete floor. Our customised seating cushions add an extra sense of colour for our birdcage. We do have plans to cover the bird cage coming into the Winter to ensure our guests whether it be their function or night out with us are kept dry and warm.


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If you do have any questions relating to the interior design or would like to get in contact with Jane Gorman, please do contact her here. Please note that all the interior spaces and furniture are protected under copyright laws.