What does a international interior designer and cafe owner in Balwyn have in common? It’s the ability to understand people and their desire for a luxury experience.

Jane Gorman whilst in Toronto, Canada over 18 months ago had a dream to open up a range of luxurious spaces in which friends could enjoy a drink and food in a luxe atmosphere. Being a well established interior designer here in Melbourne and overseas, Jane has been working with her clients in the past to deliver affordable yet luxurious spaces whether it be their home, office or marine boat.

It wasn’t till a familiar face and name in Balwyn, Andrew Signorelli approached Jane for initially seeking paint colours that Finch & Jane would soon become a reality. Andrew has long had a passion and vision to transform his cafe into a unique space in which family, friends and the community of Balwyn could create memorable experiences. Andrew has been in the heart of the Balwyn community for well over a decade creating a lasting impression with all of his customers as he always looks to go the extra step for everyone that walks through his doors.

As Jane and Andrew began to realise that their vision was on the same path they decided to collaborate. Jane’s successful interior design and project management company for well over 25 years being able to offer unique and customised designs together with Andrew’s experience in the cafe industry for over a decade has created a dynamic duo in which Finch & Jane is owing its success too. Customised pieces of furniture throughout the space designed by Jane together with Andrew’s passion for food & wine has seen Finch & Jane grow into an established and trusted name within Balwyn.

Finch & Jane is a luxe food and wine lounge that aims to promote every guest having a memorable experience from the moment they walk through the door. Andrew being the owner and operator of the Finch & Jane site in Balwyn works with his staff to ensure every guest is accommodated and has a luxury experience.

Jane Gorman being the owner of the Finch & Jane brand does and will continue to work closely with Andrew as their vision is to create luxe spaces across Melbourne & internationally.

Stop by Finch & Jane to have a drink and hear the full story from Jane & Andrew…

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